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Pet Owners FAQ

Here you can find the answers of the most common pet owners questions regarding our services

Veterinary medicine is the medical science that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in animals. At North College Road Animal Hospital, we provide an extensive range of modern, diagnostic, therapeutic, emergency and surgical services, with a strong emphasis on preventive medicine.

We need to see your family pet when they are puppies and kittens. These younger family pets require a series of vaccines given at appropriate intervals to prevent the common viral diseases. Since we handle and cuddle them, then we need to evaluate them for external and internal parasites. The external parasites include fleas, ticks, mosquitos, sand fleas, lice and mites. The internal parasites include hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and tapeworms. These parasites can spread diseases to you and your children.

We need to see your family pets every six months to evaluate for intestinal parasites as well as a comprehensive physical exam. Your family pet ages 6-8 years in one year. Your family pet may look fine, yet an internal exam reveals abnormal blood results.

We need to see your family pet every six months when they are older than 6 years. We will evaluate their vitals, weight and blood work. We must note any abnormals to help keep your family pet healthy.

We need to see your family pet when sick or injured. We can provide supportive and appropriate veterinary medical care to keep them comfortable.

We need your family pets history including prior veterinary medical records. We would like you to bring in any medication that they are presently taking as well as their current vaccine history. We want to know all about your family pet.

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