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We offer Allergy Testing, Animal Behavior Consultations, Bartonella screening, Cardell Blood Pressure monitoring, Drop off services, Feline Friendly,Geriatric care, Glaucoma Screening, Abaxis in hospital bloodwork,Stress Free Exams, Teeth trimming for Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and Rabbits, Pharmacy services and weight management.

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Wellness Exams

A complete physical exam includes a snout to tail exam. A wellness exam for intestinal…

Spay & Neuter

We offer Cutting Edge Laser Surgery and MLS Laser Therapy on all our surgical cases.…

Emergency Care

We are prepared to care for emergency cases during the day. After hours, call 910-791-7387…


We provide preventive veterinary care. Family pets require Rabies vaccines. Dogs require DHLPP, Bronchi-shield vaccine…


We provide Cutting Edge Laser Surgery and Laser Therapy. We offer mass removals, ovariohysterectomies(spay), castration(neuter),…

Micro Chipping

We offer Home Again Microchipping that includes the first year of registration.


We do provide grooming services for your family dog or cat. A groom includes haircut,…

Dental Care

We offer Ora Strip Test to determine the extent of your family pets periodontal disease.…


We offer Fuiji Digital Radiograph processing in hospital. Once digital image is processed then can…


We are equipped to board both cats and dogs. We have indoor climate controlled runs…

Pricing Lists

What are the costs?

Diagnostic examination


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The diagnostic exam enables our healthcare team to evaluate your sick family pet. In addition, we will need to preform diagnostic tests to pinpoint  the underlying problem. Then we will discuss the appropriate treatment plan.

Wellness exam for annual vaccines


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The wellness exam for annual vaccines includes snout to tail physical exam. In addition, we will need to administer canine or feline appropriate vaccines. During their annual exam, we will preform a heart worm exam as well as an intestinal exam. We will provide an accurate estimate including vaccines, annual blood testing and intestinal parasite exam.

Emergency exam


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Emergency exam needed for day time emergencies that includes acute injury, seizures, blood loss, vehicular trauma and poisonings. These patients will take priority over the appointments and walk ins. In addition, diagnostic testing as well as supportive care base on condition will be estimated for appropriate treatment and care.